Friday, March 26, 2010


The rain casually beat the yellow flowers into a dull submission with its silvery drops. The flowers, bending low to their new master, idly thought that there was nothing better to do. There was, after all, nothing interesting about being a flower. Constant molestation by bees and the forces of nature eternally tampering with their extremely fragile bodies largely dulled a flowers senses. Im not saying that flowers are the dummies of the plant world*, but most would agree that despite their bright colors, flowers are extraordinarily boring.
And so the solitary and slighty speckled sparrow sat ponderously blowing silver smoke from a fat cigar, watching the unspeakable violence acted against those underwhelmingly dull, dripping daisies.

*It is widely believed that grass and certain types of brush are genetically incapable of having a very high intelligence

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